New Mexico Association of
Student Financial Aid Administrators

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What's New:

Today's Financial Aid Administrators must stay abreast of the ever changing federal and state regulations that govern student financial aid. As an organization, we came together to maximize resources and to share our knowledge and experience as financial aid professionals who are dedicated to serving  each other, our institutions and, ultimately, our students and their families.

This web site has developed over time to bring financial aid professionals in New Mexico together in a very accessible way. The information assists in the overall financial aid process.

Every member of New Mexico Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NMASFAA) has a voice in our organization and this web site. Click on the 'Contact Us' link for more information. We welcome your comments.

The NMASFAA Mission:  To provide resources to, and serve as a forum for, Association members and to facilitate the delivery of educational and financial aid services.